Domaine Robert Vic, France
Sauvignon Blanc
glass … $7.50 (5 oz)  $13.50 (9 oz)    bottle … $38
A delicate sauvignon blanc, showing the influence of the warmer south of France. Green apple, citrus and tropical fruit aromas and flavours. Good, but not overpowering finish with softer acid profile and a clean finish.

Trius, Ontario
glass … $7.00 (5 oz)   $12.75 (9 oz)    bottle … $34
Grown in vineyards in Niagara and aged in small French barrels. Refreshing flavours of melon, pear and peach mingling with soft notes of spice, cream and butterscotch.

Raimat, Spain
glass … $7.25 (5 oz)   $13.00 (9 oz)      bottle … $37
The wine is pale yellow in color with greenish hues. Intense aromas of citrus, dried flowers and spices with an additional hint of sweet vanilla. Very brief aging in stainless steel tanks to preserve fruit vibrancy and maximize freshness on the palate.

Poggio Bracco, Italy
Pinot Grigio
glass … $8.25 (5 oz)   $14.50 (9 oz)     bottle … $40
From the heart of the Veneto, Poggio Bracco is fermented in stainless steel tanks creating a fresh and fruity wine. It features a clean, crisp acidity accented by mild hints of hazelnuts while displaying a soft and delicate finish.

Trius, Niagara
Riesling Dry
glass … $6.50 (5 oz)   $11.50 (9 oz)   bottle … $31
Mouthwatering citrus flavours with a clean finish of pink grapefruit, lemon drop and mineral. Perfect on hot summer days, crisp fall evenings, long winter interludes of fresh spring  days. Refreshing Riesling anytime!

* Prices do not include taxes. All glasses are 5 oz or 9 oz as indicated. Prices subject to change without notice.


Righetti, Italy
Valpolicella Classico
glass … $7.25 (5 oz)  $12.75 (9 oz)   bottle … $35
An aromatic wine with cherries and a hint of almond. Lighter bodied and predominantly
fruity, it shows unusually good fruit concentration for Valpolicella. Lovely cherry fruit flavours dominate with a hint of violets and white pepper.

Septima, Argentina
glass … $7.75 (5 oz)   $13.75 (9 oz)    bottle … $38
This Malbec is produced in the southern zone of Mendoza and offers spicy flavours with loads of blueberry and blackberry fruit and a touch of chocolate and salty licorice.

Trius, Niagara
glass … $6.75 (5 oz)   $12 (9 oz)    bottle … $33
Aromas of dried cherry, red plum, toasty vanilla, mint and cranberry; dry with balanced acidity, medium bodied, with flavours of spiced plum compote, pepper, red licorice and cherry, smooth long finish.

Vinedos TerraNoble
Cabernet Sauvignon
glass … $8.75 (5 oz )   $16 (9 oz)    bottle … $44
There is a wonderful richness and concentration in this Cabernet Sauvignon. Red berries, smoke, chocolate and pure fruit dominate the nose. An intense and exquisite wine with dark ruby color of remarkable depth.

Six Rows, Australia
glass … $8.50 (5 oz)   $15 (9 oz)   bottle … $41
Deep plum with purple hue. The nose reveals a vibrant bouquet of spices, fruitcake and raspberries. The palate is ripe and rich featuring blackberries, plum, spices and subtle oak flavours. The wine has soft tannins and a fine finish.

* Prices do not include taxes. All glasses are 5 oz or 9 oz as indicated. Prices are subject to change without notice.